Wearing full face makeup isn’t something I do every day, I just feel my skin needs some days off and it’s in much better condition if I don’t wear makeup every single day. But why not share with you some of my “everyday” makeup products?


Max Factor Lasting Performance foundation – As I have told you before this foundation isn’t really for my skin-type. I sometimes even use coconut oil with it to keep my face more hydrated and to get this dewy finish. But it blends really good and it gives you the medium cover, so who’s up to that then why not to buy it.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser – Only negative thing I can say about this product is the brush – it’s not so hygienic and it can dry out pretty fast. Not sure if I wanna bought it another time because there is much better concealers I wanna try.


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – Defines and volumizes lashes without clumping them. I usually do 2-3 coats to get a look that I want. Sometimes I comb it through with a clean mascara brush to get rid of any clumps. Would buy again!


Beauty Blender – I guess you have heard enough good thing about this, but it really is worth the hype! I can’t imagine my makeup routine without it haha.

elf Powder Brush – Does it’s job perfectly!

Plus one random brush that I use for blushes.

beauty5beauty6Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit – My all time favourite brow product and you know how important those brows are haha! It has so good pigmentation and the wax keeps them in one place without sticky feeling. I have used oh-so-many boxes of this and to be true I don’t even wanna try something else!beauty7beauty8

theBalm In theBalm of Your Hand palette – It contains all the good stuff from theBalm in one palette. I have heard so many good things about theBalm highlighters&blushes so I wanted to try every product and this palette gave me 11 different features. 3 blushes, 1 bronzer, 4 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter and 2 lipsticks..How can you say no, right? To be true I’m not a big eyeshadow-girl. I may be good at theory but it never comes out good enough doing it by myself haha. So I haven’t used the eyeshadows that much. But my all time favourites are Hot Mama blush, Bahama Mama bronzer and the famous Mary-Lou Manizer.



September is perfect for wearing your summer favourites with slightly warmer sweaters or jackets. I love-love this sweater, it’s from Lindex, and I bought it last autumn but it still looks like a new one (trust me I have worn it a lot haha). I have seen many similar ones with turtleneck and bell sleeves in the stores right now, so check those out. Especially Lindex!  So you don’t need to pack your summer clothes just yet, mixing&matching some cozy pieces and boots will give your clothes a new life for autumn!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 22.45.30

Septembri saabudes tahame kõik oma suvised lemmikud kapi kõige pimedamatesse nurkadesse panna ja sügisestele riietele elu sisse puhuda. Aga miks mitte kanda oma lemmikuid koos soojade kampsunite ja mõnusate jakkidega? Ma armastan seda Lindexi eelmise sügiskollektsiooni kampsunit ja veel lahedam on see, et see näeb ikka veel välja nagu uus (ja uskuge mind ma olen seda kandnud oi-oi kui palju). Poodides on hetkel päris hea valik erinevaid turtlenecke ja lahedate varrukatega kampsuneid, niiet kelle sügisgarderoob veel täiendust vajab siis ruttu-ruttu poodi. Ärge siis oma suviseid lemmikuid kappi unustage, vaid miksige neid uute ägedate sügistrendidega!


laagri2DRESS-FOREVER 21, JACKET-H&M, SHOES-PRIMARK, HAT-H&Mlaagri1laagri6laagri3laagri5laagri7laagri4laagri8

It’s impossible to find any good backgrounds and locations for photos, especially when you are living outside the city. All I could find was this blue industrial door haha. I don’t know how all those fashion bloggers get so good pictures with perfect backgrounds?! Somebody should teach me that haha!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 22.45.30

Võimatu on leida piltidele ilusaid backgrounde, eriti kui sa elad linnast väljas ja ümberringi on eramajad ja korterid..või tööstuslinnak ja kasvuhooned haha. See sinine uks oli ainuke enam-vähem koht, kus me pilte üritasime teha. Kuidas kõik teised blogijad endale nii ilusaid backgrounde leiavad?! Keegi võiks mulle ka seda õpetada haha!


Hey there! Sorry for lack of posts recently, I have been all busy with school and at the same time I’m not feeling too good (guess it has something to do with rainy days and lack of sun haha). Anyways to bring back the sun I finally managed to write down my tips and tricks when visiting Portugal and especially Lisbon! I hope you find it useful and to be true Portugal is a wonderful place and it takes time to discover all the beautiful places this country has to offer!

  • Pasteis de Nata – You just have to try this! It’s the first thing I think about when speaking about Portugal. Nata cake is an egg tart pastry and it tastes amazing! Especially with a hint of cinnamon on top of it…Aaah I want one now haha. You can find the best ones in NATA Lisboa, they have little cafes all around Portugal and even in Spain, UK, France and so on.


  • Use public transportation – It’s so cheap and easy, you can get almost everywhere from Lisbon. You will only need a Via Viagem card and you can reload it every time you are going somewhere.
  • Do your research – It may sound like an obvious thing but hey! you don’t want to miss anything, right? Tripadvisor forums and blog posts about the main sights and tips are so useful. I literally looked up pages worth of information and spent days gathering good trip locations and feedback from other travellers.
  • Avoid August – Yeah, I know that I visited it also in August but the city was full of tourists.
  • Get lost – This tip was given to us by our apartment owner, who said that if you really wanna discover the hidden gems and see the real city don’t use the map. Put it down and you can find streets full of colourful decorations and maybe even a Portuguese soap opera filming haha!


My favourite locations: 

  • Cabo da Roca! It has to be the first one cause it was so different and I was truely mindblown. Also make sure you visit Praia da Ursa, too.


  • Sintra! City full of colours and  beautiful views. The main attractions you should visit is the Pena Palace and Quinta da Regaleira. You can use bus nr 434 for both of them, just hop on and hop off!


  • Cascais! A beautiful little town with nice beaches and cute streets. If your main goal for a holiday is staying on the beach, then this is the city you should stay in. It’s only 40 minutes from Lisbon and the train ticket is 2.15€.
  • Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara! We visited it almost every day and on our last day it was full moon and the sunset was even more breathtaking.


  • Praca do Comercio lightshow! Didn’t find any information about it on the internet but a must visit! It is so cool when the old building becomes something completely different with 3D lights and music. I don’t know if it’s happening in the autumn too or was it just a summer thing. Worth a visit!


How to find cheap tickets?

Travelling from Tallinn to Portugal can be quite expensive, but there are some tricks you can do to get the best price. Firstly, buy the tickets as early as possible. You can find great deals from Skyscanner and Momondo. And if you wanna travel as cheap as possible, you should consider having a bit longer layovers than 2-3 hours. It is pretty hard to find tickets cheaper than 170€, but never know, maybe  you will be lucky to get the best deal!